Michael Bay has been blowing up cars, trucks, planes, and metallic dinosaurs for a decade at this point in his Tranformers film series. Yes, it's been eleven years since the first Transformers hit theaters. The first film was amazing for two reasons: mind-blowing CGI and a heartfelt story. The relationship between Shia LaBeouf's Sam Witwicky and Bumblebee was a highlight in the film. The bond between a not-so-popular teenager and a fish out of water robot touched fans of the series. As the years passed by, Bay made the films less about the bond between man and machine, and more about action sequences, enormous explosions, and even more CGI filled scenes. In a smart marketing move, Paramount decided to branch off from Bay, and revert back to the connection and character that made the first film so successful. 

Bumblebee, which is the first of what I would assume will be a trilogy, is slated to hit theaters this holiday seasons. Paramount recently dropped the first trailer for the film, which displays everyones favorite yellow Autobot building a new relationship with Hailee Steinfeld's character. Directed by  Travis Knight, the film is set in the 80's and will chronicle the events that happened prior to the first Transformers film. Instead of transforming into a sleek yellow Camaro, this time around Bumblebee is a Volkswagen Beetle. Check out the new trailer below, and go see Bumblebee when it hit theaters on December 21.