Bun B has been working on his own food-oriented website for awhile now and today he's announced the launch of the site YouGottaEatThis.Com.

Bun B's new website definitely caters to today's constant-food-sharing culture. While talking about the new endeavor with NewsFix the rapper explained, "One of the great features about the site. It's a place where you can show us a picture of what you ate today. We'll upload it to the website and you'll become a part of YouGottaEatThis.com."

The Southern rapper founded the site with Premium Pete, a sneakerhead who is the founder of SneakerTube.TV.

Bun B said during the clip, "We realized that people may talk different, walk different, look different but everyone loves food. We'd figure it would be a great place for people to come together over one common thread, being food, which everyone loves and so far, it's been doing a great job."

Watch him talk more about the new site below.