Burger King is here for all the couples who can’t afford a nice dinner. They’ve put together an “Adult’s Meal” for Valentine’s Day in Isreal. It still comes with a toy, just like it’s children’s counterpart, but the toy is meant for different kinds of fun.

Specifically, people who buy the deal will find one of a satin mask, a feather duster or a scalp massager. It's not the sexiest selection of items, but when you're buying a Valentine's dinner at Burger King, are you really in a place to complain?

The “Adult’s Meal” is available only on Valentine’s Day from 6pm and on, and purchasers must be 18 years or over to get the meal. It’s built for two, with two Whoppers, two orders of french fries and two beers (that’s how you know it’s not the United States) in addition to the toy. Check out the promo video below.

Unfortunately for the romantically inclined fast food fans, it’s only available in Israel. Who knew the Israelis got so much freakier than those of us in the United States?