Busta Rhymes is a living legend. His contributions to hip hop culture stems as far back as the late 80's when he first formed Leaders Of The New School. While he may not be dropping music at the same rate as he once did, he's still been putting in work. The rapper's verse on "Look At Me" featured on Doritos and Mountain Dew's Super Bowl commercial this past weekend where Peter Dinklage mouthed the words flawlessly. While many assume that rapping isn't Dinklage's forte, Busta Rhymes has a different opinion on that.

TMZ recently caught Busta in NYC and asked the rapper how he managed to teach Dinklage how to rap his verse on camera. Busta said that he didn't need to teach him but provided some guidance along the way.

"I actually didn't teach him, I just gave him some guidance. He already knew what he was doing. As a matter of fact Peter Dinkledge used to have his own rap group." Busta said, "He got bars of his own, let's not get it fucked up."

Interestingly enough, Peter Dinklage was actually part of a punk/rap/funk fusion group in the early 90's called Whizzy. His career with the band never took off like that, clearly but he did perform at various places around New York City.

Busta was later asked if there's any possibility of a Peter Dinklage feature on his upcoming album. He didn't confirm or deny that but he did say to "stay tuned."

Peep the clip below.