C-Murder's currently behind bars for a murder conviction stemming from a fatal shooting in 2002. Unfortunately, it looks like he won't be seeing outside of his cell at any point in the near future. The New Orleans Advocate reports the No Limit's rapper was denied a retrial, once again, after the judge found the two witnesses not credible.

Judge Steven Enright ruled during Wednesday's hearing that C-Murder, born Corey Miller, will not be eligible for a re-trial. The judge said the rapper didn't meet the burden of proof for post-conviction relief. C-Murder's attorney argued that the case be thrown out, or at the very least, granted a re-trial. 

Last year, two eyewitnesses in C-Murder's case, Kenneth and Darnell Jordan, recanted their statements. Kenneth said that it was another man with a dark complexion that he saw fire the weapon. Darnell claimed that he was pressured into testifying against Miller. However, the judge found that the recantations of both of their testimonies to be "highly suspicious."

The judge wrote, "a new trial should not be granted on the basis of a recantation because it is tantamount to perjury so as to discredit the witness at a later trial."

C-Murder's high-profile case was a focal point in the true-crime television series Reasonable Doubt which the two witnesses appeared on. Both have since changed their stories and filed sworn affidavits with their recanted statements on behalf of Miller.