The wildfires have been horrible in California today with many reporting evacuations of entire cities. Los Angeles is prone to natural disasters as earthquakes are expected in the region, but with the drought this year and mighty fires, it's becoming even more dangerous to live in the area. We've already reported on the Kardashians evacuating their homes in the Hidden Hills to seek safety and Kanye tweeted out this morning that everybody is safe. Despite the family being unharmed, their homes were not so lucky.

The status of Kim and Kourtney's homes is unknown at the moment but TMZ is reporting that Caitlyn Jenner was not so lucky. Her Malibu home has been completely burned down as a result of the fires that keep getting stronger. So far, 14,000 acres of land have been burned by the fires and that number keeps growing. 

The Malibu home overlooked the beach area, sitting atop a ridge. The fires have been out on control for hours and Jenner's house fell victim to the natural disaster earlier today. She had lived there since 2015, with the pad being prominently featured on her reality TV show. Thankfully, she has loads of money and will be able to buy another home fairly quickly. We hope she had insurance on the Malibu spot though.