Throughout the Phoenix Suns' playoff run, there have been numerous players who have come out and shown that they are much more than just role players. Cam Johnson is certainly one of those guys as he has been simply lights out for this Suns squad. No one saw his ascension coming and in the NBA Finals, he has been fantastic. While he might not be the biggest contributor, his play has given the Suns confidence and when you're battling for a championship, that kind of addition to the game is always a welcomed sight.

Last night, the Suns fell to the Bucks in Milwaukee, and now, the Suns' lead in the Finals has been cut to 2-1. Giannis had himself yet another 40-point game, however, the one highlight everyone is talking about came from Johnson.

Cam Johnson

Justin Casterline/Getty Images

In the Twitter clip below, Johnson was running down the court with no one but PJ Tucker in his way. That's when Johnson decided to leap through the air and dunk all over Tucker, with his groin in the Bucks star's face. It was easily the best dunk of the entire NBA playoffs and it led to an appropriate response on social media as fans began to applaud Johnson for both his athleticism and his confidence at that moment.

Sure, the Suns didn't win but if you can produce the best highlight of the game, then you can be sure people are going to talk about you. Let us know what you thought of the dunk, in the comments below.