Social distancing laws are slowly being repealed throughout the United States, despite the number of cases going up in states that decided to reboot early. Regardless, many are starting to hang out with their friends again in order to reclaim the summer that was almost stolen from them. If you like to play basketball with your friends, the lockdown has certainly been a huge burden but now, it seems like you will be getting your wish very soon.

As for some of football and hip-hop's biggest stars, the lockdown is officially over in their eyes. Yesterday on Instagram, Cam Newton posted numerous photos and videos of himself engaging in a friendly game of 3-on-3 basketball with the likes of running back Todd Gurley and Migos member Quavo. Based on the post below, it was quite the competitive match-up although we have no idea who actually won.

Newton has had himself a very interesting offseason as he was released by the Carolina Panthers. As it stands, Newton is a free agent and is hoping to find a new team. However, it doesn't appear as though Newton is in much of a rush considering everything happening with the Coronavirus right now.

Over the coming months, we're sure Newton will be finding himself a brand new NFL home.