The NFL season only finished last month but that doesn't mean the offseason has been without its fair share of drama. Besides the trades and signings, some players have found themselves in a whole heap of trouble. One of those players is Carolina Panthers offensive lineman Taylor Hearn, who was caught on camera outside of a bar trying to fight multiple people. The 6'4", 315-pound lineman actually got punched in the face and knocked down to the ground by someone who looked to be much smaller than him.

The footage was acquired by TMZ Sports, who just so happened to run into Hearn's teammate, quarterback Cam Newton. In the clip, the cameraman asks Newton about Hearn's recent fight. The quarterback wasn't too forthcoming about it all, simply saying that "it's unfortunate." Newton also explained that he hasn't talked to Hearn since the footage came out, so he's not sure how the offensive lineman is doing.

It's going to be an interesting season in Carolina as Newton is currently rehabbing an injured shoulder. The Panthers were 6-2 last season until an epic collapse in the second half of the year gave them a 7-9 record this season. This was due in part to Newton's injury.

If the Panthers want to keep Newton healthy, they're going to need Hearn at 100% so he can protect their QB in the pocket.