It looks like Cam’ron is wasting no time at going at Mase’s neck. On Friday, Mase released a diss track aimed at Cam’ron called “The Oracle,” in which Mase claims Cam’ron had sex with his own sister back in the day, among other things. "Ever since ten you were a thirsty n***a, I ain't gonna the time you fucked your sister, 2002 you lost 50 pound ulcer in your liver now you tryin' to sell n***as liquor?,” he spits.

Well shortly after the song surfaced online, Cam’ron took to his IG to say “lets play nigga,” and it turns out he wasn't lying. Just hours after later, Killa hopped on Instagram and previewed an upcoming diss track aimed at Mase.

“I aint gotta a sister, the only sister I fucked was yours” we can hear Cam’ron spit over the Hitmakerz-produced track as he dances along to it. “Do what you must do, Me I'm getting my just due/ but who you talking tough too?, Blinky just snuffed you,” he later adds before referencing Puff Daddy fucking him over.

“@myfabolouslife we gonna play this at ya party 2nite. I herd he coming👀we'll be there!! Song #BlackFriday #TheProgram2 January 1. Hiiiii Betha 😘 Austin TX 2mr #TheProgramTour,” he captioned the post.

Earlier this month, Cam reignited their issues, when he called out Mase on his The Program track, “It’s Killa.” However the two have had a long history of beef, dating back nearly 20 years when they were in a group called “Children Of The Corn.” Things just happen to be picking back up is all recently.

No word yet as for when the diss track will be released, but something tells me he won't be waiting around. So don't be surprised if we get it sometime this weekend.

Check out the preview (below) and let us know what you think. What side you on? Team Mase or Team Cam?