In the caption of an Instagram video, Cam'ron hinted at plans to retire after his upcoming album Purple Haze 2 drops this summer. The video showed Cam visiting the grave of his childhood friend and former rapper, Huddy 6, and resting a bottle filled with an orange liquid next to his tombstone. "Fresh off da flight," the caption read, "to see my brother..HUD6 told me lastnite last album..#PurpleHaze2 this summer..It's been fun..but HUD said we got other things to do."

Now, wait, hold up a sec. Huddy 6 died in a car crash in 2010! Is Cam'ron communicating with the dead now?!

As for his retirement, well shucks. We know Cam has been working real hard (as usual). Since July, he's been churning out his 1st Of The Month EP's like clockwork, and he even found time to design and sell his Cam Ebola masks. But retire? Isn't that taking it a bit far? And what about his A-Track produced EP Federal Reserve which we're still waiting on? 

Miss Info, alarmed by this news, got in touch with the rapper to see if he really meant what he said about retiring. "Yeah, it's a wrap," he told her. "Time to move on." Asked what he plans to do instead of making music, Cam said he's going to focus on movies and clothing, and he's building a club in Vegas. 

At least he's got plans in the works, but what we want to know is WHY? Why is Cam ditching music? What's the motivation here? Once a rapper, always a rapper, right? I guess not.