Cam'ron is a man of many talents, though it would appear he has since been dabbling in the lost art of Magicianship. Still reeling from the high of Diplomatic Ties, which many fans deemed a genuine "Thanksgiving Day Miracle," Cam has decided to dedicate himself to the arcane. Though the rapper's preferred magic words don't exactly fly in today's politically correct climate, that hasn't stopped him from keeping his tradition alive. During a recent night out with one Julia Fox and other female companions, Cam'ron decided to test out a little bit of mathematical wizardry, much to the delight of his dinner guests.

The trick is simple. Pick a number. Double it (that's multiplication, as Cam'ron is quick to point out). Add twelve. Divide it by two. Subtract the original starting number. End up with six. A parlor trick to be sure, but one that may very well add excitement to your next cocktail party experience. At the very least, Cam's companions seemed particularly impressed by the trick. Of course, skeptical types will be quick to complain about the playful trick's obvious nature, but such types will likely never find themselves in a cocktail party setting to begin with.

Respect to Killa Cam, the first magician to don a pink fur coat.