Cam'ron has plans to release a full movie alongside his next album. The film is inspired by Richard Gere and Diane Lane's 2002 movie Unfaithful, in which Lane's character has a tight-lipped affair leading to scandal and intrigue. The Harlem, NY rapper says it's in place for the many music videos most artists put out. He's always been a cinephile so it's no surprise he has decided to push his boundaries even farther on this next project.

"We're gonna put a movie out with the album and keep putting movies after that," he told Noisey, "So instead of shooting nine, ten, eleven videos what we're doing is writing a script." The plot the movie revolves around is the story of a white woman who rents her guesthouse to a black man, leading to an affair. "Kinda 'once you go black you never you back' type of thing but it's kind of deeper than that," he says. 

The multi-talented artist is trying to push himself out of his comfort zone on this next project and take his abilities to new heights. "I'm trying to step out of the box a little and show my range in acting. Music, even if I wanted to stop, I don't think I could stop. It's just so embedded in my blood that it's easy to do records."

The rapper is very close to releasing the new album alongside the finished movie, and says he plans to have another album out by the end of the year.