Cam'ron has had a cultural impact on modern society. He's inspired memes and many people still quote him. The "snitches get stitches" emcee participated in a The Daily Show sketch where he endorses telling on President Trump.

"Times changed. With Donald Trump as president, y’all snitches have a civic-ass responsibility to tell us what he's up to," Cam says in the video after assuring with a wink that he's still from "the streets."

"So, if you’re a member of the intelligence community, a government bureaucrat, or a disgruntled third wife who didn’t sign up for any of this shit, tell the world what you know, ’cause from now on, snitches get riches," Cam says before making it rain.

The Harlem rapper once said he wouldn't snitch on hid next door neighbor even if he was a serial killer.

Check out Killa Cam's video below.