Now that Ice Cube has vehemently denied that his conversations with the Trump administration are endorsements, the Republicans have replaced him with 50 Cent. President Donald Trump has touted Fif's support on social media, even sharing a screenshot of the rapper's disapproval of former Vice President Joe Biden's proposed tax plan. 50 Cent has become the Trump campaign's poster boy in the final hours of the 2020 Election season, and Candace Owens is more than thrilled to add another Black man to her list of "BLEXIT" members. In a video she shared to Instagram, Owens spoke about why Fif is smart to support Trump for president.

“I want to just say something to defend 50 Cent because I am just seeing so much ignorance in his comments from the majority of Black people saying they’re done with him and it’s because he’s rich and he’s betrayed them,” she said. “No, it’s because he’s smart and you’re not, OK?” Owens also added about Fif saying he'll leave the United States if Biden wins: “Okay, so 50 Cent is saying, ‘I’m not paying these taxes.’ Rich people all over different states that are hiking taxes right now are saying, ‘I’m not paying taxes.' Now when they say that they’re not bluffing, they’re literally moving, picking up, and leaving the states.”

“So, if you think that you’re going to just tax rich people 90 percent and they’re going to stay in the state, you’re an idiot. Rich people are the ones who can afford to leave the state.” Candace Owens wasn't quite done. She also defended herself and her use of name-calling in her comment section. "I treat people how they treat me. Enough with the hand-holding," she wrote. "People want to call us Uncle Toms, race-traitors, and sellouts for understanding basic economics. So we call them dumb. Ask questions respectfully, get respectful answers. Call me names, get called names." Watch her video below.

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The school system betrayed you. Not @50cent.

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