The murder of George Floyd sparked outrage around the world with protests and riots breaking out across America. This weekend, the gatherings continued but in Hollywood, California, a couple of drivers were fed up with the movement and decided to risk people's lives by driving through and running over protestors.

One video from a Black Lives Matter and LGBTQIA+ Pride march shows peaceful marchers on Highland, being run down by a white SUV. At least two men, who were holding flags and blocking the road, were hit by the car who rammed them over and could have killed them. The driver slowed down but refused to come to a complete stop, speeding away after hitting the protestors. Somebody picked up the maniac's license plate number and the police are looking for the suspect.

Another incident in West Hollywood shows something similar. A woman drives through a crowd of protestors, again refusing to go around people and driving through them. This case is less extreme than the one above. Her back window was seemingly smashed in the process so, at least she'll have to pay for repairs on that... Once again, it looks like people were quick to note her plate numbers.

Be safe at the protests! There are a lot of crazy people out there.