Cardi B is being accused of sending her posse to attack two strippers in New York City.

Cardi B is being accused of ordering an attack on two strippers - Jade and her sister Baddie G - and now, police are conducting a formal criminal investigation, TMZ reports. Jade said that she's received several threats from Cardi B over the past few months and was attacked. The "Ring" rapper accused Jade of sleeping with Offset.

Jade claims Cardi B has threatened her with violence over Instagram on several occasions. She also said that Baddie G and herself had an encounter with Cardi B at an Atlanta hotel in June and the rapper continued to accuse her of sleeping with Offset before threatening them with violence. Jade denies that she slept with Offset.

Jade said that on August 15th, she got a warning that Cardi B sent people to beat her down. Later that night at Angel's Strip Club in Queens, Jade claims five of Cardi B's associates ruthlessly attacked her and caused severe injuries.

On Wednesday, August 29th, Jade and Baddie G said that they had another face-to-face encounter with Cardi B at Angel's Strip Club. After they performed, they said Cardi B's posse attacked both them by throwing bottles and chairs at them which led them to seek medical attention.

Neither women have claimed that Cardi B touched them in any way but they did claim that Cardi yelled, "I'm blood I'll fuck you bitches up!" Sources close to Cardi confirmed this.

The two women have hired Joe Tacopina to represent them. Tacopina said that the two women are filing a police report and Cardi B will be named.