We've been steadily hearing more from Cardi B as she eases herself back into the rap game. The star gave birth to her first child, Kulture, earlier this year and it's looking as though she may already want another baby. The "I Like It" singer was a surprise guest during Drake & Migos' concert last night and she teased that she would be dropping a new single soon. We were also expecting a project from the rapper on September 1, which never ended up materializing, but it appears as though she's back at work on some new vibes. From the sounds of things, she might also be back to work with Offset as they attempt to make Baby #2. 

Anybody wishing for a Cardi B tour next year might not be getting their wishes because Bardi is already hinting that she wants another baby. Of course, the performer worked throughout her pregnancy with Kulture, only taking time off when she was expected to pop, but another pregnancy would mean yet another delay on a much-overdue world tour. She tweeted yesterday, "Would ya be mad at me if i get pregnant again ?" Many of her fans decided to get a little snarky, telling her that they would be angry "unless she's pregnant with a new album." Cardi still hasn't shared photos of baby Kulture and although sneaky paparazzi snuck a shot of the little girl, Bardi and Offset have been private about their daughter.

Do you think we'll be welcoming a new baby soon for Cardi B and Offset?