Cardi B has a woman in hip-hop who is known for speaking her mind without many filters attached to said speech, if at all. She's already turned her attention to bullies who were the subject of a teenager's viral social media video, and now she's going in on the men of the world who find time to hate on the women they come into contact with.

In a lengthy tweet on the subject, Cardi B expressed disbelief about this important gender role issue and where society seems to be right now as a result. "I don’t understand why man hate on woman sooo much," she said. "Do you guys want to suck and f**k the dicks us woman do ? Cause it seems like it when yaaa show sooo much hate on a bitch." Far from being the only one who expressed their deep concern about man-hate towards women, fellow rapper Iggy Azalea came through to add her thoughts in the comments.

"Actually girl, YES. A lot of them do," Azalea replied, taking her own stand against the men out there who are constantly bringing negativity into their respective worlds. It's not a stretch to imagine why this would be happening, with fame and fortune placing a target on the backs of even the most amicable celebrities, especially in the social media age we live in. Maybe there's a feminist, man-dragging anthem in both Cardi B and Iggy Azalea's future? A potential collab project even? Only time will tell.

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