During the month of March, we reported that Cardi B had landed her very first acting role in a movie where she would be performing alongside Jennifer Lopez. The movie centers around a gang of savvy strippers during the financial crisis. It's been reported that the film is actually called Hustlers and now, it finally has a release date. According to Page Six, the film, which also stars Constance Wu, will be dropping on September 13th of this year.

With J-Lo's dancing experience and Cardi B's much-discussed stripping experience, the two are a likely pair. Cardi B's rise to stardom all started after she left the world of stripping to garner a huge following on Instagram and eventually start her own rapping career.

Adam Fogelson, who is a producer at STX films, couldn't be happier with the cast that has been chosen. “We could not have asked for a more exciting or talented lineup of performers to join our cast," Fogelson said. The movie's director, Lorene Scafaria, echoed those sentiments saying "I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to work with this dynamic group of women. We’re grateful to have assembled such a powerhouse cast and can’t wait to start filming at the end of the week.”

Shooting of the film has already begun.