Now that she's almost two years old, it looks like Kulture is starting to get to that age where she and her famous mommy can coordinate their clothes. This week, Cardi B took to Instagram to show off just how adorable she and her baby girl looked in their matching Burberry outfits. The mother-daughter duo were both decked out in the designer brand's signature tartan, rocking pleated skirts and hats in the pattern. Kulture also donned some shoes with the classic check pattern, while Cardi opted for some white heels to match their turtlenecks. "BUUUURRRRRR," Cardi captioned the first photo of their look, posted on Wednesday (June 24th).

She went on to post another photo of their matching drip the following day, which shows Kulture mid-air as Cardi holds onto both hands. "Okay one more pic of this look and THATS IT !" she wrote. Prior to the more recent photo, Cardi shared a video of herself in the same get-up, eating a popsicle and taunting her haters. "Hiii!" she says while approaching the camera, before asking everyone how they're doing. "Mad? Hurt?" she responds. "Well have a good day! Bye!"

On Thursday (June 25th), Cardi was forced to deal with the mess that was the #CardiBIsOverParty trend on Twitter. Users were claiming that she had a secret Instagram account followed by Lil Kim, where she would supposedly trash fellow female artists like Doja Cat, Nicki Minaj, Megan Thee Stallion, and Ariana GrandeCardi made sure to set the record straight and debunk these baseless rumours before carrying on with her day.