Rappers aren't afraid of showing off their cash and the luxury items they spend their money on. From jewels to cars to designer threads, artists make sure that they enjoy the finer things in life that their money can buy. Recently, it was Cardi B who took fans on an up-close-and-personal tour of her garage to give the world a peek at the wheels she and her husband Offset have in their collection.

First up was her blue Lamborghini, a vehicle that she said had collected dust because she hasn't driven it in a while. The convertible is perfect for the summertime vibes, but Cardi admitted to letting it sit unused in her garage. She moves on to the Lambo truck, a car that she said Offset bought for her. Cardi went on to say that she purchased her black Maybach "specifically because I have a baby and this car is perfect for having a kid...because it's got like, TVs, it lays all the way back. This is like, an amazing car."

Offset has two black and red rides: a Wraith and a Bentley truck. Cardi didn't say who copped the black Porsche, but it probably doesn't really matter much anyway. There's also a black and red Rolls Royce truck, an orange McLaren, and a huge raised truck with an orange interior. In the latter, Offset even added tiny stars inside. This group of rides doesn't even include the entire collection of classic cars locked up somewhere in a "special garage." Check out the expensive accumulation of whips below.