Alarm clocks have become a thing of the past. Cardi B has taken it upon herself to play the role of town crier, waking up her husband Offset with a passionate cry for the ages. Clearly, Cardi has had enough of the loafing; perhaps a stack of dishes remain unfinished, or perhaps she is simply feeling nostalgic for her days as an Instagram comedienne of sorts. In any case, Cardi has decided to bless Offset with a merciless wake-up call. Luckily, Offset's constitution proves strong, as a lesser man may have suffered a heart attack.

While his reaction is slightly delayed, there does come a time when his eyes catch the phone. Perhaps the fear of mild public humiliation is enough to send him flying. Perhaps the cacophonous rooster-like cry simply took a minute to register. In any case, it's an endearing insight into their family dynamic. 

Should you have no patience for Cardi B and Offset's antics, administer yourself an L for coming this far. Should you find the hip-hop power couple endearing, this may only strengthen your fondness for them. Despite the occasional drama surrounding the widely publicized duo, it's always nice to see Cardi and Offset enjoying life together. Check out the footage below.