Online trolls have no moral compass and Cardi B is learning that the hard way as a number of them are coming after her sister, Hennessy Carolina. Cardi's younger sister debuted her Paper Magazine feature where she speaks to the mag about her sexuality, fame and ironically handling people hating on her. Hennessy's cover photo was posted on Instagram and Cardi made her rounds on setting some haters straight.

"B*tch It's A Blog There's A Comment Section For A Reason Everyone Dont Gotta Like You Or Your Rat Ass Sister," one user wrote. "You'd Think God Finna Over Turn That Golf Cart Would Humble You , Or The Fact Celina Finna Go Live With That Baby, Shut Up Damn. Respond To Everything You See. Fight That Lawsuit." Check out Cardi's response below on the second Insta page.

In Hennessey's interview, she was asked if Cardi is the one who tells her to simmer down when it comes to the trolls. "What we tell each other, is let's not pay these haters no attention," she explains to the publication. "But it's hard because we really have big hearts. We would not want to hurt nobody else, and we wouldn't want to talk about nobody else. So, we get really sad when somebody says something mean to us because we're really good people and we have really good hearts. It just really hurts our feelings. So we just learned to let people just talk, let them have their opinions, and not take it offensive. Don't let that mess up our minds."

Read her full interview here.