Cardi B didn't walk away with a Grammy at the award show this past Sunday but she was a highlight of the evening. Her interview with Giuliana Rancic was hilarious and she shredded the stage with her performance of "Finesse" alongside Bruno Mars. On Monday morning, YouTuber Nate Garner accused Cardi of ignoring children from the Make-A-Wish foundation who wanted to meet celebrities including Cardi B. Her story on the other hand didn't match the accusations that were held against her.

In a since deleted Instagram post caught by The Shade Room, Cardi B made it clear that she didn't ignore the children and in fact, was under a tight timeline with everything that was going on that evening. Cardi stated that she was already late to the ceremony and her pre-check before her performance that evening so her time on the red carpet was rushed. She later clarified that she did end up stopping to take pictures with some of the children from the Make-A-Wish foundation.

Of course, Cardi's Bronx roots came out and she wrote, "IM NOT THAT INDUSTRY BITCH YOU WANNA TRY.I will violate you and in real life as well dont make me catch your ass again. I will crush you."

While that post has since been deleted, she posted a more vague message to anyone who believed the rumor. She wrote, "A hater do the most to get recognition by the person they HATE !"

Nate later hit Twitter to stand by his statements which you could see below along with Cardi's initial responses.