More than just a talented rapper, Cardi B has become one of hip-hop's most charismatic characters. Whether it's in person at one of her concerts or in quick video snippets via one of her social media accounts, the "Bodak Yellow" empress is always quick, honest and, for the most part, very funny. She brings all of those elements to her new campaign ad with Steve Madden, debuting it on her Instagram profile and let's just say that it left many people in stitches.

Standing before the camera in pink heels, some faded jeans and a purple button-down, Bardi addressed her audience the only way we'd expect her to: hilariously. "All right motherf**kers," she began. "Every woman needs to have a pointy shoe." She used this as a segueway to comment on how the footwear completes her outfit, making the combination appropriate even for a business meeting (if she buttons up the shirt of course). 

Cardi admits that she'd be comfortable trotting this particular look out in the club, ending the video by walking off set while the hashtag #ImWithSteve appears on the screen. It's not clear if Cardi will be starring in future short spots for the famed shoe company, or if this was just a one-off deal, but either way, she's a natural when given a captive audience.

Cardi B was also the purveyor of wisdom on the dating front recently, letting the ladies out there know how they should deal with their boyfriend's ex. Check out all the info here.