Sometimes it's hard being Cardi B.

Rap's current First Lady is walking back a perceived blow-up that a full venue's worth of fans was witness to, where she freaked out at one of her security guards. In video footage that has been circulating online from the show, it looks like the man in question was on skirt duty, trying to keep it from riding up too much. However, at one point, Cardi turns angrily towards him and looks to be telling him off, a reaction that most fans took to me he had been getting a little handsy with the world-famous emcee. You can check out a clip from the incident below.

Later on that evening, Cardi set the record straight for her supporters, especially those who had been at the show where the incident took place. Instead of getting angry or starting any more drama, the rapper simply let fans know that the security guard was doing his job. "My security was just trying to look out," she admitted. "My skirt kept rising up. I got upset is because he put so much force pulling it down I thought I would fall." She followed that up by reassuring all those reading that she has zero beef with any member of her entourage. "I love the team of people I work with," she stated.

The concert in question went down in France, as part of Cardi B's current set of dates in Europe. From the looks of it, not only did enthusiastic supporters turn up in droves, but the former reality TV star brought her "A" game and let everybody know that she isn't going to some one-hit wonder. Check out some clips from her performance below.

While in the Netherlands over the weekend, Cardi also decided to give fans yet another taste of her upcoming music that will begin to the see the light of day in December. For now, short teasers is all that we're getting but, by the sound of things, the "Bodak Yellow" empress has some strong material on deck that will make a strong follow-up to her smash hit single.