Cardi B is attending events in Italy during Milan Fashion Week. The rapper was there to support her sister Hennessy Carolina first major runway appearance. The "Bodak Yellow" star is also hopping across the city on her own personal invitations. She shared a peak with her fans online.

Furry glasses hide a good portion of her face as she spoke about her "winter certified" fashion, courtesy of Dolce & Gabana.

"B*tch! Get into these m*therf*cking glasses. These glasses right here, the fur... Dolce & Gabana wants all my shmoney."

Her experience of Italian hospitality might seem a little trite, despite her enthusiasm.

"These Italians got me f*cked up. Giving me champagne in the afternoon. They must not know that I'm light...We out here in Milan, drinking sparkling water, eating spaghettis."

The drama that went down during New York Fashion Week has not tarnished her reputation to the point of her being barred from the Italian edition. That's a win.

It's good to see that the new mother is having a good time abroad. This past year has been filled with many highs and lows as she struggles to manage her time between family and her budding music career.