Just because we're in quarantine, it doesn't mean there's no reason to dress up. If you've been having trouble getting through this, something as simple as putting on one of your favorite outfits or having a photo-shoot on the balcony can lift your mood exponentially. Cardi B decided that she was tired of her sweats and pajamas, getting decked out and heading outside for a late-night shoot to show off her extravagant new hair.

Still rocking a comfortable outfit, the Bronx rapper donned some shiny skin-tight shorts with a sports bra, standing on the balcony and checking her phone. She seems absorbed by whatever she's reading. The look was topped off by an elaborate hair bow that probably took hours to design. Shout-out to her hair-stylist.

In a second photo uploaded later in the night, Cardi B gets a little more risqué, grabbing her breast and showing off her crazy long nails. Fans are given a closer look at her wig in this one.

The rapper continues to tease the arrival of her sophomore album, recently revealing that the intro track will get us all out of our seats. What are you expecting from the superstar in the coming months?