Cardi B may be one of hip-hop's most talked about up-and-comers, but prior to blowing up, she was building a following on Instagram courtesy of her comedic chops. And while Cardi has been making the rounds doing pretty much everything, from partying in London to teasing her upcoming "Cardier Cardi" single (dropping December 15th), the rapper recently took the time to hold it down on The People Vs. Noisey. In the feature, Cardi makes a foray into the "Bodak Yellow" YouTube comment section, reads through a selection of them, and reacts accordingly. As you can expect with a video with nearly three hundred and fifty million views, there are bound to be a few haters.

It's no secret that Cardi doesn't exactly shy away from clapping back, and her general response to disrespect is to return the favor tenfold. When reciting a comment from one particularly angry user, Cardi proposes he make a cuckhold out of his stepfather, by fucking his own mother while said stepfather watches. And when one commenter proclaims the video fills him with the desire to make out with Dora The Explorer, Cardi bluntly responds back with "ew, you're a pedophile. Dora the Explorer is a child."

It's a short, but entertaining video, especially if you enjoy Cardi B's particular style of humor. If you're one of those leaving disrespectful comments on her page, well, you might want to avoid this one. After all, she won't hesitate to put people on blast. Stay tuned for Cardi's upcoming followup to "Bodak Yellow," coming soon.