Ghostwriting in the rap industry remains a taboo topic. When it was revealed that Lil Yachty was the one behind City Girls' now platinum-certified record "Act Up," the Hip Hop community was shocked. Considering the single's success, the conversation of penning your own lyrics as a female artist came forth. Previously Megan Thee Stallionblasted ghostwriting rumors since the release of her album, Fever. And it now seems everyone is coming for the City Girls for not writing their own songs. Well now, Cardi B also decided to add her two cents in.

The artist has previously teamed up with City Girls on the hit-single and twerk anthem "Twerk" which swept the nation by a storm and led to a twerking frenzy. As such, she thought it best to let folks know they better not try and come for the City Girls--at least, not on Cardi's watch. Via her Instagram story, the rapper vouched for the City Girls, adding that despite Lil Yachty penning the track, the duo is what made the song. She also called out the haters who dared to say anything about them, further adding that they secretly loved the song and happily sang the lyrics when it came on. In all, Cardi B truly believes it does not matter who pens the song and what matters is whether or not it is a hit.