Cardi B has had what most people would describe as an interesting 24 hours. First, there was her sudden breakup announcement via the caption to one of her selfies, then the immediate backpedaling that she did after the fact. As if this drama weren't enough, Cardi was supposedly kicked out of a hotel early this morning because of complaints from other patrons. In truth, she didn't take the message kindly from the hotel staff, as you can see in the video below.

The report from TMZ states that the rapper was unceremoniously booted from the Hilton Albany in Albany, New York, at around 1 AM. Other guests in the hotel were allegedly complaining about noise that was coming from her room. Hotel security personnel confronted her, a verbal joust escalated and Cardi proceeded to leave the hotel. However, she didn't exit quietly, firing some shots the hotel's staff on the way out, calling one man in particular a "racist motherf*****" as she stormed out of the building, her entourage and an unidentified male companion in tow. Cardi B had wrapped a performance at the Times Union Center earlier that night.

It certainly has been a drama-filled weekend thus far for Cardi, who continues to bask in the post-"Bodak Yellow" glow that the music industry has shone upon her, enjoying the spoils that her meteoric success has afforded her. In addition to the hotel fiasco, there was the aforementioned breakup with her boyfriend Offset, of Migos fame. We reported on that story earlier today (October 22nd) as well, with the reaction from fans who were rooting for them to stand the test of time as a romantic item seemingly crushed in the process. However, Cardi B later posted a rebuttal on social media, detailing how she overreacted to whatever was going on between her and her boo, but also stating that she isn't someone that came to be played. ""Sometimes you gotta do shit the OLD you would do," she stated on Instagram, "so mfers know not o play with the NEW you." While drama seems to be something that follows the Bronx native around, no matter the circumstances, even she must feel like she's had enough for one day.