Cardi B is living her best life sitting front row at the numerous fashion shows that are happening in New York for this year's fashion week. Earlier in the week, she was at Tom Ford's Spring/Summer reveal and last night she hit up Jeremy Scott's show with her sister by her side. At the end of the night (and after the after party) Cardi went back to her hotel, stripped down and posed for a photo in front of her hotel door that sees her rocking a black body-hugging one piece. 

"Whole lotta woman," she captioned the post. 

A couple weeks back Cardi shared a nude photo on Instagram and after receiving some backlash she hopped on Instagram live and defended her choice. "Let me be free," she said. "If I wanna be half-ass naked, why not? A bitch used to be a whole motherfucking stripper. If I wanna feel sexy, if I want ya all to see my motherfucking body, why the fuck not?"