Cardi B's mat leave could roll on for months if promoters don't fork over the bag. TMZ has learned that Cardi is seeking $300,000 minimum to get back on stage. Apparently Cardi has already received offers in the $500,000 range, well over her initial asking price. On top of that, Bardi would likely only accept gigs close to home (for obvious reasons). Kulture Kiari Cephus's welfare is her utmost priority.

Cardi B has reportedly made it clear to her handlers that she will only accept big ticket events, believing herself to be past the middling point in her career. While it was reported that Cardi B would make a big splash at the VMAs, it only culminated in a curtsy lunge, as opposed to the choreographed set rumored from the start.

She did however perform briefly with Drake and Migos last weekend on their Aubrey & the Three Migos Tour stop in New York City. It's unclear whether she made that spot appearance as a personal favor, or if she was simply gratifying an itch. Furthermore, Bruno Mars' fans were dealt a big blow when Cardi dropped out of his upcoming tour, citing mental and physical exhaustion as the cause of her delayed comeback.