Cardi B was once a stripper before she was a chart-topping success with her main claim to fame being her hit single "Bodak Yellow." She's made many of her fans well aware of her past life from her lyrical content and number of explicit videos on her Instagram page. 

Before today, it's a little surprising that nothing from her past career has come to light for all her fans to see or that any of her past affiliates handed anything over to the media. Things have now changed in a newly surfaced video from the platform that once was, Vine, where we see Cardi dancing around topless seemingly well aware that she's being filmed. You can watch the video here

It's easy to recognize that it is indeed a younger Cardi from her wilder days where she has officially responded saying she was 21 "and soo what ?!"

She uses her response to the video as a chance to prove that she does have nipples, for those who thought she didn't before. Cardi responded to another surfaced video yesterday after a clip showed her security guard fixing her skirt while she was on stage. In the short snippet, Cardi snaps at the security guard looking pissed that he's even in her space.

After the fact she stated "My security was just trying to look out! My skirt kept rising up. I got upset is because he put so much force pulling it down I thought I would fall. I love the team of people I work with."