Offset has won over Cardi B's heart. The two form one of the most powerful couples in rap. They've been put through the wringer as far their relationship goes, dealing with fake allegations, cheating scandals, and more as they nearly ended up getting a divorce. Thankfully, they ended up working through their issues, finding a greater love for one another and getting back on the right track.

Cardi B often brags about her love life and her sex life, detailing what she and Offset are into. On Twitter, she revealed the most surprising thing about her husband that always manages to turn her on.

"Okay so this might be weird but one of the things that turn me on bout my man is that he is really good in math lmaaaooooooo," wrote the outspoken rapper. "Like that shit so sexy to me."

Prior to this revelation, Cardi got even more personal, sharing Drake's song "Come Thru" and writing: "Me when I don’t get dick for more then 18 hours. I miss hubby."

As always, Cardi is oversharing a little but that's what we love her for, right?

The Bronx native is currently enjoying the success of her smash single "WAP," which debuted at #1 and remains on top this week. Do you think it has more in the tank for a third week at #1?