Just yesterday, Yung Miami debuted her feature in Galore Magazine and in it she named her favourite female that was none other than Cardi B. Just one day later we understand why she loves Cardi so much and it's clearly because the "Press" rapper has her back. After Yung Miami was the subject of a studio shooting in Miami (that thankfully left her unscathed) Cardi shared a video aimed to the trolls that have had the audacity to make fun of Yung surrounding the incident. 

Rich Fury/Getty Images

"What happened to her is a miracle! Her car got shot up a lot of times!" Cardi said, as seen in the video below. "And I see a lot of people in the comments joking about it, doing little jokes like, 'I thought you kept a baby glock!' Bitch shut the fuck up! This shit is different. She's pregnant."

She added: "Y'all love to joke around! Just remember those little comments that y'all be doing for clout, that shit ain't worth bad karma to you, bitch. 'Cause that karma come! Y'all want to be fucking funny in the comments, hoe? That shit come right back to you, bitch. Your baby father might get clapped up. Or your mama."

She said what she said.