This past weekend a video surfaced showing Jay Z paying his respects to a pregnant Cardi B at Coachella. In the video, Jay Z is seen quickly rubbing Cardi B's stomach and wishing her well with praying hands. Miss Cardi didn't say anything in the video, and we're guessing it's because she was speechless by the gesture. 

TMZ caught up with the Invasion of Privacy rapper and asked her if Jay asked for permission to touch her growing baby bump. Cardi continues her speechless repertoire and doesn't give the paparazzi a direct answer as she hops in her car with Offset directly behind her. Watch the video below.

In other Cardi news, SZA recently had her back when it came to a nasty Instagram troll. After the Ctrl singer thanked Cardi for having her on stage at Coachella, calling her inspiring, a troll came back saying Cardi is the "last person to admire."

"IM SORRY ARE U IN UR THIRD TRIMESTER??? DID U PERFORM AT COACHELLA? HOW MANY HOURS U WORKED TODAY. Hating on bomb ass self made working pregnant women? U could do better..bless," SZA clapped back