This past year, we've seen hip hop officially become the most consumed genre of music in the United States. It's a win for hip hop as not only a genre but as a culture. It's finally acknowledged for it's influence and the demand that it has. However, the thing with this revelation is that it comes in the midst of the era of "mumble rap." An era of hip hop where people who haven't accepted the evolution of the genre criticize the younger generation for the lack of substance and continuously say that hip hop is dead. Cardi B isn't one of those people and decided to share her thoughts on the matter.

Cardi B took to Instagram, in a since deleted video, to speak on the current state of hip hop and the criticisms it's been receiving recently. In the short clip, she takes aim at people who claim that hip hop is dead. She says those people who continuously shade the new wave of rappers should start supporting the artists they do want to see win if they want that type of music pop off.

"You know what I hate about people? Like, they always wanna talk about how hip-hop is dead, that these new artists, this new generation of artists is f*cking up hip-hop and how they want hip-hop to be back how it used to be," she says, "You know, if you really love these rappers and if you really want hip-hop to be back to how it used to be, then why don’t you make those rappers that you like hot? You know, you make the artists, you make these people get their songs played on the radio because they get a lot of streams and a lot of sales first and then they hit the radio."

Her rant is coming at an interesting time. 21 Savage spoke on why older generation shouldn't be criticizing the younger ones for what they do and T.I. backed up 21's comments shortly after. 

Aside from this, Cardi was also recently nominated for two Grammys for Best Rap Performance and Best Rap Song for "Bodak Yellow."

Check the video below via Akademiks: