It was a big night for Cardi B on Wednesday evening as the Invasion of Privacy rapper took home six wins of her 21 Billboard Music Award nominations. Cardi has been a polarizing figure in the rap game as she's often been involved in controversies that put her name in the headlines, but for as many critics there are hoping that she falls from grace, there are millions of fans who catapult her further into the limelight.

Her publicly played out beefs have made her the center of attention, including the physical altercation that occurred at New York Fashion Week last year with Nicki Minaj. Since then, there has been a war of words with back and forth verbal assaults from the ladies, but as time has passed, they've both seemed to have retreated from the drama. Cardi recently jumped on Twitter to assure everyone that she's not worried about trashing anyone else to get ahead because in life there's enough for everyone to get their time in the light. 

"What another bitch eat don’t make me sh*t," she tweeted. "Theres enough room for everybody in the game. Stop comparing and constantly putting me against others. Everybody shines and sound different. Ya want to hear the same shit or ya want to have variety? It seems like ya just want drama."

BallerAlert also shared an image of Cardi slamming a fake screenshot that went viral following her BBMAs win. In the post, the fake Cardi was rude and telling people that no one is better than she is. However, the real Cardi wrote, "This is fake as f*ck! This is why I post it what I post yesterday on twitter because ya constantly make fake sh*t up and try to put me against people all the f*cking time! Please get a f*cking life. I had a amazing fun night last night for me to do bullsh*t!"