Another day another copyright infringement. Cardi B's "Be Careful" beat may not have been an original product of producers Boi-1da, Vinylz, and Adam Feeney. According to Bossip, Derrick Price (the owner of music production company IHip Hop Music) is claiming that the trio of music makers stole his beat and slowed it down and then handed it to Cardi to record on. 

“I want my publishing, and I want my credit,” Derrick stated. “I’m pretty sure Cardi B’s a good person, but this is business, and no one is taking anything from me and my family.”

The publication details how Derrick just wants them to prove that they made the beat themselves. “Show me the original file,” he added. “Show me the mix session, show me the engineers files on the day you mixed it.” Apparently, the beat was made in a studio of Derrick's production house and was originally titled "VTWICE Beat CMG Mike” in 2016. Boi-1Da came through one day and heard it and asked for an MP3 version, Derrick handed it over and never heard from him until the track came out and was shocked by the comparison. 

“[...] I was like ‘Woah! They can’t do that.,'" Derick added. 

Listen to the original here