Cardi B and her husband Offset flew over to Paris to celebrate the city's annual Fashion Week and Offset's collaboration with Chaz A Jordan. The "Be Careful" rapper expressed on Twitter how she plans to celebrate the major success by her husband and by no surprise, it was in a raunchy way. While Cardi attended the fashion show with her man, she stepped out in a bedazzled mask that accompanied her mesh bodysuit and floor-length coat. 

According to TMZ, the rare piece took a total of 36 hours to complete by CoutureMask designer Bradley Jordan. While Bradley did have creative control of the mask Cardi did have one request and it was to ensure that her eyes could be on full display. By the images that have been shared to the rapper's feed, it's clear that he succeeded. Rihanna, French Montanna and Future have all rocked the CoutureMask before and prices range from $5,000 to $7,000. Speaking of Rihanna, Cardi recently listed the "Needed Me" singer as one of her fashion inspirations along with Lady Gaga, Missy Elliott and Jennifer Lopez.

In other Cardi news, she's been co-signed by Omarosa to dabble even more in politics.