Remember when Cardi B came out of that fancy fashion event in New York city with missing earrings and a knot on her forehead? According to Nicki Minaj, the cause of the welt was Rah Ali's wrath. The rapper explained how it went down on Queen Radio today. Although this fight happened several weeks ago, Rah Ali is ready for another round. This time, the target would be Cardi B's sister, Hennessy Carolina.

The two women came for each others' necks on social media. Hennessy has been quite vocal, throwing insults at Nicki Minaj and her fanbase in efforts to defend her sister. Rah Ali hopped into the drama too, but the difference between her and her opponent is the fact that she's ready to make the fight physical.

"Keep playing with me you dumb b*tch and Ima RAG YOU like I did your sister. 

Hennessy claimed she's also ready to face the violence if needed.

" I ain't scared of you water buffalo built ass b*tches [...] save that bully sh*t for IG and pop the f*ck out in real life!"

In response, Rah served her a reminder of what happened to Cardi B.

"You seen ya big sis when she got home. You know what's up. You next."