It's Black Friday so you already know that everyone is trying to cop as much as they can on a discounted price. However, Cards Against Humanity seems to be taking things to a new level with their Black Friday sale/prank. The makers of the card game launched a new website today seeling what seems to be filled with items such as cars, caskets, diamonds, a life-size cutout of Orlando Bloom and more.

Cards Against Humanity's latest marketing stunt could "possibly a very bad idea," according to the co-founder of Cards Against Humanity, Max Temkin. is a website launched by the founders of Cards Against Humanity for Black Friday and includes a 99% sale on items on things such as a portable sauna, a medieval weapon, 85-inch smart TVs, an engagement ring and more. 

"Holy f--- have we got some deals," the website reads. "Don't be frightened by the deals. Just click and let the savings wash over you."

While many have questioned whether the sale is real or not. The site's FAQ does indicate that the products are actually available.

"We have most of these items in hand at the office here (and our office is filled with crazy stuff right now)," Max Temkin told Business Insider. "This is 100% real and possibly a very bad idea."

Many of the items are limited in quantity. However, a new product does go live on the site every 10 minutes.