Just because Carmelo Anthony has nearly 5 million instagram followers doesn't mean he can't see your trolling comments.

Just ask instagram user, @undefeated_mindset, who is no longer undefeated after Melo roasted his anonymous ass.

For reasons unbeknownst to us, a screenshot of Carmelo's months-old rebuttal to that anonymous commenter recently surfaced and we're glad that it did because it's incredible.

In the comments section of a photo of Carmelo gripping a barbell, the Knicks superstar wrote to his troll, "Show ya face you onion bagel face ass." 

Again, there's no real reason why Melo's comments have surfaced today but it serves as a reminder that if you talk that trash to Melo he might see it and he might call you an onion bagel face ass, which is something that nobody ever wants to be called.