Casanova Signals "Block Me" It's The Brooklyn Way

Devin Ch
April 24, 2019 17:11

Casanova pitches his visual account of "Down in the DMs."

The fourth music video culled from Casanova's Free At Last EP paints the Brooklyn don in a far more lavish light, having procured the means to pay his way out of a faulty personal liaison, talk his way out of a gunfight. The decision to make a video out of "Block Me" is simple: the song employs a fairly straightforward narrative flow, with a sliding cast of female leads illustrating the (un)enviable pace of his romantic life.

On appearances alone, "Block Me" serves the purpose of upending the typical Cinderella story by a fairly wide margin. To be fair, Casanova doesn't portray himself to be anything less than a stoic rapper who keeps a rigid behind those lines as well - unless he's tending to his infant child. In the "Block Me," Casanova lets his guard down for half-a-second only to catch the BLOCK from a pursuant in the DMs.

True to form, Casanova doesn't let the "informal rejection" do him any harm, duly explained by the concurrence of female leads in the video. The other costs in the video seemingly went towards the rental location, dimmed to match the sonorous reflexes of his go-to producer 30 Roc. In closing, Casanova finds himself encased by the one vixen who didn't block him; judging by the look on his face, together, they consent to "higher learning" as the video cuts to a quiet storm setting.

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