Casey Veggies Explains How Mac Miller Turned Him Into A Stoner On "How To Roll"

Alex Zidel
September 12, 2019 12:00

Casey Veggies uses cannabis to enhance his creative process.

Casey Veggies is one of the most underrated rappers in the entire game. His style combines skill with swag, technically proving himself time and time again as one of the better lyricists from Los Angeles. We've been hearing about Veggies for years and this has been another successful campaign for him, releasing Organic at the beginning of the summer. The project remains one of the best of the entire year and the West Coast rhymer just continues to grind and improve with each passing day. In order to get into the right creative space, Veggies lights up some loud, and when we invited him to our headquarters for the latest episode of How To Roll, he explained just how he got so into weed.

Veggies began smoking at an early age, noting that by the time he was thirteen or fourteen, he was already experimenting with marijuana. "My mom would have killed me," he said. "If she sees this interview, she's probably still going to kill me."

Before he started touring, the rapper's cannabis use was merely here-and-there but once he spent a solid few months on the road with Mac Miller, everything changed. "I didn't really get into it tough until like after high school. When I was on tour, that was when I really became more of a stoner, I guess you can say," said Veggies. "I was on tour with Mac Miller for three months, me and Mac did sixty-six shows so we spent hours on the road, twenty-hour drives and ten-hour drives and just being on the road, that was kind of a scapegoat and it kind of made me more into it."

Veggies notes that these days, he smokes weed to enhance his creative process. He's into smoking fronto leaf because it's more natural than backwoods or swishers but he's also not opposed to other methods of ingesting marijuana. Watch the full video above to hear his story involving Wiz Khalifa and dabs.

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