HNHH representative Damon Campbell recently caught up with Orlando, Florida emcee and Cash Money / Republic Records signee Caskey for an exclusive interview, touching on his musical origins, baking, his first meeting with Birdman, losing his virginity at Disneyland and much more. Read excerpts from the interview and watch the whole thing below, as well as his recent video for "The Killer Intro".

Caskey's currently working on his debut studio album. Stay tuned, and check out his August 2013 mixtape The Transient Classics in the meantime.

On His First Recorded Rap Over Usher's "Yeah" Remix: 

"I had wrote a lot of raps, but that was the first beat that I ever recorded on - I think it was just the easiest beat for me to find at the time, it was probably a popular song. I was just like 'perfect, let's do it'. Ebo was on the hook, too - he did the hook for me. So ratchet... it was just terrible."

On Losing His Virginity At Disneyland:

"I lost my virginity when I was probably fifteen... in Pleasure Island, ironically. I was at a concert at the House of Blues... I was watching a show, it was a metal show. I think it was a Norma Jean show." 

On Meeting Birdman: 

"Birdman found us on his own - he reached out to DJ Nasty to make the connection." 

On Music:

"I'd consider music the medium that I'm allowed to live my life through... there's a lot more to life than music, for sure - but it's brought me a lot of purpose and is really something to focus my energy on. It's just something I like doing. There's a lot of fulfillment in creating stuff... it's super important to me."