Last year around this same time Cee-Lo Green was being investigated on sexual assault charges, with a woman claiming that the Goodie Mob singer slipped ecstasy into her drink and proceeded to take advantage of her. A year later, Cee-Lo may finally been cleared on the charge, although another charge may stick.

TMZ reports today that the L.A. County D.A. will clear Cee-Lo of the sexual assault charge today. Law enforcement sources say that there are problems with the woman's initial story, (which was that the two hit a sushi restaurant in downtown L.A. before Cee-Lo drugged her), one of which is that the two had apparently already been dating and been intimate together before the incident occurred.

Cee-Lo apparently encouraged the D.A. to investigate the claims fully, and in the end, the D.A. will reject the case because of insufficient evidence. However, Cee-Lo may not be getting off that easy, because he will be charged with 1 count for furnishing ecstasy, which is a felony charge that he may be arraigned with as early as this afternoon.

The woman claimed to have a taped recording of Cee-Lo talking about the alleged incident. Although sources say that Cee-Lo never said anything on record about slipping the girl the drug, he did reportedly reference the drug, which seems to be good enough as a confession for the D.A.

Because it's Cee-Lo's first offense, he'll likely get off with probation. 

[Update: Cee-Lo Pleads Not Guilty To Furnishing Ecstasy]

Cee-Lo appeared in court yesterday and plead not guilty to the charge of giving a woman ecstasy, as we reported yesterday, the sexual assault charge was dropped. The singer's bond was set at $30,000, and he turned himself into the authorities to be booked yesterday afternoon, as he was directed.

Cee-Lo's attorney told TMZ concerning the charges, "We are pleased that the Los Angeles County District Attorney has completed its investigation and concluded that the evidence did not support the false and unfounded claims made over a year ago." She added that any sexual contact between the two was consensual.

As for the ecstasy charge, his attorney says, "As it relates to the one charge of furnishing or sharing ecstasy, Mr. Green will responsibly address that matter in a court of law."