Sophomore guard Jabari Bird of the of the Boston Celtics has been arrested for what the Boston police call a "domestic incident." This means, according to the Boston Globe, that he (allegedly) "assaulted, choked, and kidnapped somebody." Whatever happened in the "domestic incident" or later when the police were arresting Bird, it was violent enough to land the young player in the hospital where he is being "guarded" by the police. the victim of the "incident" has been taken to another hospital “for treatment with injuries sustained,” according to John Boyle, a spokesperson for the Boston Police. 

The Celtics seem to be as unclear on the specifics as the rest of us. They released a statement saying: “we are actively gathering information and will reserve further comment at this time,” saying also that they are taking the whole thing "very seriously."

Doubtless the team is not excited about the news, especially considering Bird's growing potential and the faith they've already put in him, signing him (a 58th-overall pick) to a $3 million dollar, two-year deal in July. The signing came after Bird averaged 19.3 points in the G-League this past season. In the summer league this year he put up a 57% shooting percentage. 

Jabari Bird will appear in court on Monday.